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+<!DOCTYPE html>
+ <head>
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+ <title> Ici THK — Included Third </title>
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+ </head>
+ <body>
+ <header>
+ <h1> <a href="../index.html">Ici THK</a> </h1>
+ <h2> Included Third </h2>
+ <h3> Quantic Logic</h3>
+ </header>
+ <main>
+ <article>
+ <section id="concept">
+ <h4>About the Concept</h4>
+ Included Third logic considers the relation between objects rather then objects themselves, as explained by Stephane Lupasco the included third takes place as a element associating the 2 elements of a contradiction, letting one and other possibility to both exist. This logic trains us towards inclusive thinking taking in account all parameters even if they are not in the direct scope of the observer. </section>
+ <section id="sources">
+ <h4>Sources</h4>
+ <h3> <a href="../authors/basarab-nicolescu.html> Basarab Nicolescu attributes it to Stephane Lupasco </a> </h3>
+ </section>
+ <section id="exploitation">
+ <h3> Quatum physics has taught us how to think</h3>
+ The notion of the included third is directly derived from quantum physics understanding, Excluding binary logic considers that what cannot enter in the resolution of a problematic is excluded unacoutable of it,“an individual’s (or group’s) ability to make effective choices and to transform those choices into desired outcomes”
+Included third logic transforms contradiction into something inclusive;each time there is a relation, there is also an included third derived from this relation that is part of the conditions of its existence.
+When aristotelian logics premisces are either A or non A Included Third logics insists it is both A and nonA as what associates them is an Included Third. An included third logic allows us to view the complexity of our environment, making it difficult to think our reality in the limit of the knowledge and context of the observer, typically it becomes impossible to think in terms of what benefits a nation, or exclude cosequences like pollution, as if one situated point of view is valid, other assumptions are equally, and our system and life happens in the relation between all elements.
+ </section>
+ <section id="tree of significance">
+ <h4>SYNONYM:</h4> Quantum Logic
+<h4>ANTONYM:</h4> Exclusive thinking, Reductionism, Domination.
+<h4>HYPERNYM:</h4> A larger logic still needs to be understood
+<h4>HYPONYM:</h4> Aristotelian logic is included.
+ <section id="resistance">
+ Included Third is a useful relational concept in political thinking, it can be activated in political terms to respond to reductionnist and protectionists discourses.
+ <section id="detournament">
+ Included Third logic is processual, and results in always in transformation resolution, in order to allow for effective realisation it must be associated to decisional processes and clear political positionning.
+ </section>
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