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│Restore original HTML and include some changes
Here are the reasons for the changes: 1. Do not use an empty H1: you can do it by changing the CSS 2. Added an H2 since it will help reproduce the proposed design 3. Restored simple A links without button tags since the same effect can be achieved with CSS 4. Followed the same structure for the third section for consistency and ease of styling (even contents can be changed via CSS, e.g., the 'read more' text) Now it's time to reproduce the proposed design using only CSS!
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@@ -7,36 +7,31 @@
- <h1></h1>
+ <h1>DREAM</h1>
+ <h2>DREAM: Distributed Replicated Edge Agency Machine</h2>
<p class="tagline">
- DREAM: Distributed Replicated Edge Agency Machine
- </p>
- <p class="tagline" style="font-size:1.25rem">
Internet protocols and applications
to empower citizens to act and find agency together
- <div name="padding" style="height:1.5rem"></div>
- <div class="grid-container">
<section id="for-activists"><h2>For Activists</h2>
<p>Organize peer to peer away from corporate surveillance.</p>
- <nav><a href="/pub/for-activists"><button class="button" id="activists">Read more</button></a></nav>
+ <nav><a href="/pub/for-activists">read more</a></nav>
<section id="for-developers"><h2>For Developers</h2>
<p>We design networks & systems that empower & respect users, and ensure sustainability of hardware, software, and human resources.</p>
- <nav><a href="/pub/for-developers"><button class="button" id="developpers">Read more</button></a></nav>
+ <nav><a href="/pub/for-developers">read more</a></nav>
- <section id="dream-team"><h2>Where to find us</h2>
- <p>Contact the team and learn how the project came about</p>
- <a href="/pub/team"><button class="button" id="team" href="/pub/team">DREAM Team</button></a>
+ <section id="dream-team"><h2>DREAM Team</h2>
+ <p>Contact the team and learn how the project came about.</p>
+ <nav><a href="/pub/dream-team">read more</a></nav>
- </div>
- <div name="padding" style="height:3rem"></div>
<section id="pitch">
<h2>Distributed Replicated Edge Agency Machine</h2>
@@ -45,16 +40,13 @@
of open knowledge without the need for central coordination. DREAM enables the
convergence of distributed <abbr title="Peer-to-Peer">P2P</abbr> networks, linked
data models, and social solidary economy best practices.
- </p>
- <p><a href="/pub/intro">Read more</a>
- </p>
+ (<a href="/pub/intro">read more</a>)</p>
- <div name="padding" style="height:3rem"></div>
<article class="topics-list">
<section id="wp4"><h2><a href="/c/wp4-reporting/6">REPORTING</a></h2>
<d-topics-list discourse-url="" per-page="5" category="7" status="open"></d-topics-list>
- </article>
+ </article>